WA Fishers’ Lost at Sea Memorial Association (FLatSea) is a not for profit association. We currently do not receive any funding from the State Government and are purely reliant on memberships and donations at this stage of the project to support the ongoing work and general operations of the association.

Donations will play an important role going forward enabling FlatSea to work towards the building of a physical memorial, dedicated to all those that have perished, offering a place for reflection and remembrance.

Such a memorial will ensure that the sacrifices of those who perished are visibly honoured and that their stories continue to resonate with future generations, keeping the maritime heritage alive and deeply rooted in our collective memory.

All donations will be gratefully received and all donors will be formally acknowledged.

Donations can be made by direct deposit. Please include your full name with the transfer details AND email your details to flatseamemorial@gmail.com

Basic personal details are required so that an appropriate receipt can be issued.


BSB 036 306

ACC 588 278

Our Privacy Policy covers the collection of personal data relating to donations. Data will not be shared with any other party.

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